Power Electronics


"Chokes and Inductors for High Frequency and EMC" presents EPCOS chokes and inductors for RF and EMC applications. The brochure describes the components with their most important technical parameters and gives the corresponding ordering numbers for all products.

Overviews help the designer find the right component quickly and easily. Contents include: sample kits, SMT inductors, chokes for data and signal lines, leaded RF and VHF chokes and general information. New sample kits for the SIMID 0805-F and SIMID 1812-C series are featured, as well as for the power inductor series B82464. (Additional sample kits for B82789 and B 82799 CAN- bus data-line chokes are in preparation.)

Of special interest is the extended range of power inductors for dc converters and switch-mode power supplies. Depending on requirements, both low-profile and shielded versions with high current-handling capability are available.

For more information, visit www.epcos.com/publications.

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