Power Electronics

Bridge Rectifier Operates at 1 MHz

Central Semiconductor recently released the CMKBR-6F bridge rectifier. This device consists of a monolithic, fast switching chip with four 60-V, 140-mA high-speed, low-leakage switching diodes, configured as a full wave bridge rectifier. With a low capacitance of 5 pF, low leakage of 10 nA (max.) and a fast switching speed of 1 ┬Ás (typ.), the CMKBR-6F is suitable for critical design applications. In addition, it uses 69% less board space than four individual SOD-123 devices and has a low profile (height) of 0.9 mm.

The CMKBR-6F is packaged in the SOT-363 surface-mount case. Prices start at $0.36 each for 3000 pieces on a 7-in. reel. Sample devices are available upon request, and Central Semiconductor can be contacted regarding special requests or design requirements.

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