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Power Electronics

Board-Level Connector

Fujipoly's Zebra® 2004 Elastomeric Connector provides 140 electrical connections per inch when positioned between a circuit board and a parallel electronic device such as an LCD display. This unique construction makes the connector ideal for devices with contact spacing as low as .020" (.50mm).

The cost-effective interconnect device is made from alternating layers of conductive carbon-filled and non-conductive silicone. It is capable of delivering a current carrying capacity of 50 mA per .040" x .040" pad and can be specified in custom lengths up to 9" (230mm).

To accommodate as many applications as possible, the connector is available in any width from .015" (.38mm) to .118" (3.0mm) and has an operational temperature range of -40°C to +100°C.

Fujipoly America Corporation
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