Power Electronics

Bipolar Chopper Drive Eases Setup

Haydon Switch & Instrument’s new DCS4020 bipolar chopper drive is an extension of Haydon’s drive family of products. Haydon’s drive products are specially designed and built to deliver optimum performance, throughout a greater speed range.

The DCS4020 bipolar chopper drive has been designed for easy set up and use. It is suitable for development projects, requiring one connection to a single power supply and another to the motor. Motor current is set using an on-board potentiometer. No external current setting resistors are required.

The drive provides all basic motor controls including full- or half-stepping of bipolar steppers, directional control and output enable control. An oscillator circuit is standard on the drive with an on-board speed control potentiometer. In addition, external input/output signals allow complete remote control of all drive functions.

All electrical connectors have removable plugs incorporating screw type terminals. For pricing and availability, contact Haydon.

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