Power Electronics

Bidirectional Dual MOSFET in FlipFET™ Package

International Rectifier (IR), El Segundo, Calif., has introduced the IRF6156, a 20V dual bidirectional HEXFET® power MOSFET in a common drain configuration that is 80% smaller than devices in the TSSOP-8 package, with a profile less than 0.8 mm. Housed in IR’s proprietary FlipFET™ package, the small size makes the IRF6156 ideal for Li-ion battery pack safety and protection circuits for cell phones, notebook computers, PDAs, and digital cameras.

Li-ion battery packs are flammable, and require protection circuits to prevent damage from over-charging. A protection circuit is also required to detect a short-circuit condition and disconnect the battery from the load.

The FlipFET package uses no lead frame or mold compound. In essence, the die is the package, and reduces thermal resistance from junction-to-PCB to 35°C/W compared to >60°C/W for SO-8 package devices. In addition, thermal resistance junction-to-ambient is 50°C/W maximum. All IRF6156 terminals are on a single side of the die, so stray inductance and other device packaging losses are minimized or eliminated.

For more information, visit www.irf.com.

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