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Bayview Technology Group and Partners Save Energy

Bayview Technology Group, makers of an energy saving device for coin-operated cold beverage machines called the VendingMiser®, recently announced partnerships with Nevada Power Co. and Sierra Pacific Power. These alliances allow Nevada to reduce energy consumption and save money, while providing its customers with an incentive program.

Customers of Nevada Power and Sierra Pacific Power now qualify for a rebate of $100 toward the purchase of the VendingMiser. The rebate will be awarded to the first 700 units installed in the Las Vegas area and to the first 300 installed in the Reno area.

On average, each vending machine consumes 3500 kWh per year. The state of Nevada has an average rate of $.065/kWh; therefore one machine costs roughly $228 in electricity each year. The VendingMiser reduces the electricity costs of cold drink vending machines by an average of 46%. Over the course of five years, 1000 VendingMiser's will save the state of Nevada approximately $608,400.

VendingMiser is an activity-based plug-load control for coin-operated cold drink vending machines, which reduces energy consumption without affecting the product. VendingMiser powers down a vending machine when there is no activity. In addition, VendingMiser's smart technology monitors the room temperature and automatically re-powers the machine to ensure a cold beverage is served at all times.

For more information, call 800-770-8539 or visit www.bayviewtech.com.

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