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Battery Manufacturers Extend Warranties with Use of DPI Chargers

Several battery manufacturers have notified equipment manufacturers that they will extend battery warranties for an additional year when used with Diversified Power International’s chargers.

DPI’s battery chargers use custom algorithms to provide a 100% charge. That translates into a battery that provides the required power and further advantages, including extended run times, and better overall system efficiency and performance. It often allows manufacturers to reduce costs because they can use smaller batteries to meet power requirements.

According to the company, other chargers undercharge or overcharge batteries, which significantly decreases battery capacity from the first charge—known as the walk-down effect. This reduces the life of the battery, creating warranty problems for battery companies.

Headquartered in Piney Flats, Tenn., DPI manufactures intelligent battery charging systems using new technologies and innovations developed in-house. Formed in 1997 by a team of veteran battery charger designers, the company manufactures in Piney Flats.

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