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Microchip Technology’s new PS700 battery monitor provides precise battery information needed to calculate the battery capacity. Targeted for handheld and mobile products, the PS700 supports battery-operated products to extend system run times while providing greater predictability of use. The device sets expectations of runtime, charge time and battery state of health; meanwhile, it accurately monitors and reports current operational conditions and status of the battery for use in system power management.

Microchip’s PS700 battery monitor integrates a precision, programmable, A/D converter with 4 Kbits of EEPROM and a SMBus interface. In addition, the device eliminates the need for external components by incorporating a temperature sensor and regulator.

For flexibility during changing operating conditions, the A/D converter can be configured to provide measurements of parameters such as voltage, current and temperature with resolutions of 9 bits to16 bits. Battery information is provided to the host over an industry-standard SMBus interface while battery and user data is stored within the onboard 4-Kbit EEPROM. The PS700 uses an onboard or external temperature sensor for use in determining battery temperature. Designers using the PS700 have the ability to achieve precise predictions of battery capacity and current operational conditions, which results in longer run time and better overall system-power management.

In support of low-power applications, the PS700 operates in four different power modes. This device consumes less than 80 µA in run mode and less than 1 µA in sleep mode.

The PS700 supports 1- and 2- cell Lithium (Li) batteries and 3-to-6-cell Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery backs. Batteries enabled with the PS700, can stop overcharge and overdischarge, predict run time, or time to charge, and provide accurate, real-time battery information for use by the system or system user.

Microchip Technology offers an evaluation kit PS7070EV, which includes PS7070 evaluation board, PS700 IC, PS070 PowerMate™ device programmer and PS051 PowerInfo™2 interface board, USB cable and documentation.

For more information, visit www.microchip.com.

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