Power Electronics

Battery-Free Product Produces 10 kW for 2 Hr

Active Power Inc. has successfully operated a prototype of its new battery-free energy storage system at 10 kW for more than 2 hr, a milestone that positions the new product well for the telecommunications segment.

“The runtime of this prototype system is already 60 times that of our flywheel product and yet offers the same battery-free benefits,” says Joe Pinkerton, chairman and CEO of Active Power Inc. “A battery-free system that provides hours of backup time will allow Active Power to pursue the $4 billion telecommunications backup power market.”

As outlined earlier this year, the company has set forth the following additional milestones to be completed over the remainder of 2004:

  • Unveil extended runtime technology publicly in Q3
  • Ship first alpha units to customers in Q4.

Previous achievements include producing 80 kW for more than 15 min, a mark that will enable this product to represent the first true alternative to lead-acid batteries in the 3-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) market below 100 kVA, which is approximately 45% of the overall $2 billion 3-phase UPS market. The flexibility of the technology to provide a range of energy from 10 kW to 80 kW for a matter of minutes to hours allows the resulting products to fulfill a wide variety of customer power requirements and applications.

For more information, visit www.activepower.com.

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