Power Electronics

Battery Charging Topology Receives Patent

O2Micro International Limited was issued 31 claims under United States patent number 7,999,516 for its Battery Charging circuits and methods; a continuation of the invention issued July 2010 under United States patent number 7,750,604.

This patented topology provides a charger controller that detects the battery status in the battery pack, and charges it accordingly. The charger controller also regulates the charging power according to the battery status.

"O2Micro's battery charging circuits and methods effectively monitor/charge batteries in mobile equipment applications, eliminating stability issues and a large component count," commented Dr. Alex Hartular, vice president, O2Micro.

Founded in April 1995, develops and markets innovative power management and e-commerce components for the Computer, Consumer, Industrial, and Communications markets. Products include Intelligent Lighting, Battery Management, and Power Management.

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