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Barrier Strips

Barrier Strips

Tyco Electronics’ new family of double-row, dual-barrier strips includes four products based on 9.5-mm, 11-mm, 11.1-mm and 14.3-mm centerlines. These products are for wire-to-wire applications, where it’s necessary for end users to access and make changes to wiring without disturbing the electrical circuit. They have applications in industrial controls, test equipment, HVAC, power supplies and telecom equipment.

The 9.5-mm centerline version is rated at 20 A/300 Vac, accepts 12 AWG to 22 AWG wire, and is available in two through 30 positions. The 11-mm and 11.1-mm products are rated at 25 A/300 Vac, accept 14 AWG to 22 AWG wire and are available in two through 26 positions. Lastly, the 14.3 mm product is rated for 30 A/300 Vac, accepts 10 AWG to 22 AWG wire, and is available in two through 18 positions.

Double-row, dual-barrier strips are available with binding head screws or wire clamps to secure the wire. Additional features include a UL 94V-0 thermoplastic housing, tin-plated brass terminals and nickel-plated steel screws. Accessory items such as quick connect tabs and jumpers also are available.

For more information, visit www.tycoelectronics.com.

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