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BAE Systems and Rochester Electronics Announce More Than 250,000 Previously Unavailable Mature Semiconductors

Rochester Electronics and BAE Systems have recently launched a business alliance that has added more than 250,000 solutions for mature, end-of-life semiconductors used in military and aerospace applications. Developed from Rochester's wafer and die bank inventory, the re-created semiconductor devices are manufactured with the authorization of the original semiconductor manufacturer, and are guaranteed to be form, fit and functional replacements that match the original semiconductor's performance exactly.

BAE Systems Obsolescence Management Services group provides the Advanced Component Obsolescence Management (AVCOM) product and a myriad of obsolescence management services for its customers. As part of the Rochester/BAE Systems alliance, this group's dedicated staff of component and software engineers has produced a "decoder ring" that translates Rochester wafer and die products to finished goods manufacturing part numbers.

This system makes it easy for Rochester to match material on hand to customers' order requests. A custom module containing this data has been introduced through a recent AVCOM product release; enabling all of BAE Systems' customers who utilize the AVCOM product to view Rochester's solutions. This development has created immediate identification of replacement solutions, which could potentially save the collective customer bases of Rochester and BAE Systems millions of dollars in electronic system re-designs.

"Rochester's wafer and die storage lab is the largest supply of silicon in the world," said Chris Gerrish, co-president at Rochester Electronics. "More than 10 billion die are stored in a state-of-the-art environmental controlled lab and nitrogen purged dry boxes, which assures proper long term and reliable storage. All die are either purchased directly from the original manufacturer or fabricated directly by Rochester Electronics from the original manufacturer's design IP."

In addition, Rochester has agreements in place with LSI Logic and AMCC, and has the ability to re-create any gate-array ASIC from those companies. BAE Systems is now developing the data and software within AVCOM to make all of these Rochester ASIC part numbers searchable, adding thousands more obsolescence solutions for mature and end-of-life ASIC components.

The AVCOM identified product listing that utilizes Rochester's vast wafer/die inventory is currently being integrated into the Rochester website search function and will be fully implemented soon. However, inventory is immediately available through AVCOM, as well as directly through Rochester Electronics.

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