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AVX Converting Multilayer Varistors to Lead-Free Finish

In response to customer requests for lead-free products, AVX Corp. is converting its multilayer varistors to a lead-free plated finish. The new plating will be available on MLVs produced at all AVX North American facilities by Oct. 1, 2003. MLVs manufactured at the Dijon, France, facility will be available with a similar lead-free finish before the end of 2003.

Testing indicates that parts with the lead-free finish meet or exceed all electrical, physical, and reliability test requirements. In addition, the lead-free parts are backward compatible with existing solder assembly profiles designed for lead-bearing parts.

“It is clear that electronic manufacturing worldwide is migrating toward lead-free processes,” said Brian Ward, AVX product manager. “It is our goal to make environmentally friendly finishes the standard on all of our MLV products.”

The change will also include AntennaGuard™, CAN BUS™, MultiGuard™, StaticGuard™, TransFeed™, TransGuard™, and UltraGuard™ devices. However, AVX will continue to provide the lead-bearing finish beyond the transition period for customers who specifically require it.

For more information, contact Brian Ward at 919-878-6400, by fax at 919-878-6470, or visit www.avxcorp.com.

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