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APT Europe Expands Power MOSFET Modules

Advanced Power Technology Europe has announced the addition of 1000-V and 1200-V MOSFET modules to the existing product range in SP4 and SP6 packages. These modules are offered in single switch, buck, boost, dual common source, phase leg and full bridge configurations. Current ratings range from 13 A to 160 A.

Single switch, phase leg and full bridge configurations utilize MOSFETs with high-speed intrinsic diodes (FREDFET) for improved diode recovery characteristics and better dV/dt capability. High-current single switch modules, with and without a combination of series and parallel diodes, utilize AlN substrates for best thermal characteristics.

The low-profile (17-mm height) SP4 and SP6 modules exhibit minimum internal parasitic resistance and inductance offering high frequency operation capability. The use of the latest generation PowerMOS 7 1000-V and 1200-V MOSFETs and FREDFETs allow operating in hard switching mode in the range of 100 kHz to 200 kHz.

Main applications for this extended family are power factor correction, motor control, UPS, power supplies operating from 400-Vac mains and above, requiring high frequency operation not achievable with IGBT devices. Samples are available now. Pricing quantities of 1000 to 2500 pieces ranges from $42.00 to $177.00.

For more information, visit advancedpower.com.

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