Power Electronics

Application-specific Signal Switches Address Convergence

STMicroelectronics has introduced NEATSwitch, a portfolio of application-specific analog, digital and power switches. Demand is driven by the continuing rapid convergence of functions in mobile and digital consumer equipment. Another driver is the multiplicity of emerging standards in high-speed data communication such as HDMI/DVI, 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN and PCI-Express. The NEATSwitch products leverage ST’s ability to combine deep submicron geometries with relatively high-voltage (5-V) operation.

Analog switches in the NEATSwitch range include the 16-pin SMD quad-SPDT (single-pole, double throw) switch in a 2.6-mm × 1.8-mm × 0.55-mm QFN16 package and the dual-SPDT switch, housed in a 2.5-mm × 1.3-mm × 0.7-mm DFN10 package. These switches feature a very low on-resistance of 0.5 Ω and a very low current of only 200 nA. They are specifically optimized for mobile-phone applications. The NEATSwitch Digital-Switch lineup includes an HDMI Switch, a high-bandwidth 2-to-1 multiplexer/demultiplexer specifically designed to support the emerging HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) standard.

The NEATSwitch power-switch family includes the ExpressCard power-interface switch, which offers total power-monitoring solution required by the ExpressCard specification. The USB power switches provide current-limiting protection in a smartcard slot and USB applications such as USB peripherals, notebook PCs and USB-powered hubs, where heavy capacitive loads and short circuits are a major concern. These devices integrate two 80-mΩ N-Channel MOSFET high-side power switches, each controlled by an individual logic-enable signal, and capable of continuous current intake of up to 500 mA.

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