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Ansoft Joins Synopsys in-Sync Program

7/8/2003 Edited byPETech Staff Ansoft Joins Synopsys in-Sync Program Ansoft Corp. recently joined the Synopsys in-Sync® program to improve the interoperability between Synopsys' Encore™ chip packaging software, HSPICE™, the golden standard for accurate circuit simulation, and Ansoft's HFSS™, SIwave™, Spicelink™, and Turbo Package Analyzer™ (TPA).

Users of Synopsys' Encore can now export their designs to an Ansoft tool and then, if desired, output their files to Synopsys HSPICE for further analysis. This is especially advantageous in the design of complex, high-speed passive interconnects, where electrical behavior depends on effects not included in circuit-simulation tools.

For more information, visit www.ansoft.com.

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