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Altair Engineering and Ansoft Corp. Form Partnership


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Altair Engineering and Ansoft Corp. Form Partnership

Altair Engineering and Ansoft Corp. recently announced that Altair's HarnessLink® wiring harness and system design tools will be fully integrated with Ansoft's SIMPLORER® simulation software.

The integration of HarnessLink and SIMPLORER provides automotive, aerospace and marine manufacturers a complete design environment for electrical distribution systems. HarnessLink's sophisticated data-management capabilities and SIMPLORER's fast and efficient system analysis engine allow design engineers to analyze a wide range of vehicle configurations with a high degree of automation. The combined solution allows engineers to size and validate a vehicle electric system and to identify design tradeoffs by performing what-if studies in rapid succession.

"The shorter time required for simulation means that issues can be detected earlier," said Tony Norton, director, electrical and mechatronics for Altair Engineering. "The acceleration of the process even allows simulation to be used as a design tool and not just for verification."

For more information, visit www.altair.com or www.ansoft.com.

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