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Alkaline Battery Prices Expected to Rise

Along with the usual rise in gasoline costs, consumers can expect to pay more for their batteries this summer as battery manufacturers raise their prices to offset increases in material costs. So far, at least two vendors have indicated their intentions to adjust the cost of their alkaline and zinc carbon batteries.

Earlier this month, Spectrum Brands, formerly Rayovac Corp., announced that it will increase Rayovac brand alkaline and zinc carbon battery prices by 6% to 7% in the U.S. retail market effective Aug. 15, 2005. Spectrum Brands Chairman and CEO Dave Jones said, "We believe a battery price increase is warranted due to the significant increase in raw material costs the industry has experienced and to a dramatic improvement in overall battery performance since the last price increase occurred approximately five years ago."

Last month, Energizer’s CEO Ward Klein indicated that higher material costs will force his company to raise the prices on alkaline and carbon zinc batteries. "Raw material costs have been increasing dramatically in the last year,” said Klein. “To date, we have been able to offset these increases through cost control efforts and efficiency gains, but going forward, we do not expect this to continue. Consequently, we have announced a price increase on our branded alkaline and carbon zinc products effective August 1."

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