Algae harvest comes in

Aug. 14, 2009; Fall is in the air and amongst crop growers, attention turns to harvesting wheat, corn, and .................algae?

BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc. says it has made its first successful harvest of algae for the production of clean burning bio-diesel fuels. Moreover, the harvest exceeded expectations yielding almost 30% more algae than originally projected.

The crop produced from the company's on-site closed-loop photobioreactor is now on a continual harvest cycle and is producing enough algae for about 8 gallons-per-day of bio-diesel fuel which equates to almost 50% of the crop produced from the 1,800-square-foot test system.

In addition to the diesel product, the harvest produces high-protein animal food supplements which do not require any additional processing. The company says license holders operating a one-acre algae farm would be able to produce in excess of 50 gallons of clean burning bio-diesel per day along with significant animal supplement nutrients for retail distribution.

No word from the company about which is more profitable, the animal food supplements or the bio-diesel.

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