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Airborne Motor Control Systems Housed in Plastic

International Rectifier (IR) has introduced two near-hermetic, high-reliability motor control inverter modules that combine IR’s latest IGBT and soft recovery rectifier technology with a proprietary plastic package sealing method to protect components from environmental conditions.

The new devices are designed to enhance 3-phase motor control circuits in electro-hydrostatic applications (EHA) such as critical flight controls for aircraft. The IGBT modules come in the new HiRel INT-A-Pak 2 package, which uses an encapsulation process that protects circuitry from the harmful effects of moisture, and are screened to the stringent environmental test conditions of MIL-PRF-38534, Class H. In addition, these IGBT modules have passed double highly accelerated stress testing (HAST).

As indicated in the table below, the G300HHCK12P2 half-bridge module is rated at 1200 V, 300 A, while the G450HHBK06P2 is rated at 600 V, 450 A.

The new modules are available immediately. Pricing is $675 each for the G300HHCK12P2 and $660 each for the G450HHBK06P2, both in 100-unit quantities.

International Rectifier IGBT Modules in the HiRel INT-A-Pak 2 Package.

G450HHBK06P2 600 V 450 A 2.0 V 0.07°C/W 150°C
G300HHCK12P2 1200 V 300 A 2.2 V 0.06°C/W 150°C

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