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Air-conditioner Manufacturer Chooses Smart Power Modules

Fairchild Semiconductor's Motion-Smart Power Module (SPM) has been selected by Daikin Industries for use in its inverter-based air conditioners. Daikin Industries, a manufacturer of residential, commercial and industrial air-conditioning systems, selected Fairchild's FSBS15CH60 due to the product's performance, packaging and Fairchild's history of engineering support. By combining multiple functions into a Mini-DIP package, the Motion-SPM module provides high reliability, simplified motor drive design, energy efficiency and board space reduction for low-power inverter driven applications.

"Daikin chose Fairchild's integrated Smart Power Module for the high reliability and superior performance we are able to achieve in our inverter-based air conditioners. Fairchild satisfied our strict quality standards and actively supported our design engineers by providing reliability data and technical materials through package, design and quality tests phases," said Masakazu Iida, manager of Daikin Industries.

The FSBS15CH60 combines three high-voltage ICs (HVICs), one low-voltage IC (LVIC), six IGBTs and six fast-recovery diodes (FRDs) into a 44-mm × 26.8-mm, thermally efficient Mini-DIP package. This module offers high reliability due to its fully tested coordination of HVICs and IGBTs and integrated undervoltage lock-out and short-circuit protection. The FSBS15CH60’s low-loss IGBTs and FRDs are optimized specifically for motor drive applications.

Daikin supplies approximately 40% of the total commercial and industrial air-conditioning systems for the Japanese market. Fairchild expects to ship 400,000 units of SPM devices in 2005 to support Daikin's demand. For more information on other Smart Power Modules, visit

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