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AeroVironment to Supply, Install and Support Electric Cars in South Carolina

Plug In Carolina today announced it has selected AeroVironment, Inc. (AV) of Monrovia, Calif., to supply, install and support a network of public electric vehicle (EV) "re-fueling" stations in seven South Carolina cities. The charging network is expected to be operational by December 1, 2010 to support the variety of new EVs entering the roadways.

The project, funded largely by two state grants secured through the South Carolina Energy Office and scheduled to launch June 15, 2010, features a family of charging stations with one, two, or four charge points each. The multi-port configuration is user friendly and lends itself to cost-effective electrical installation. The stations will be located in key re-fueling hubs in each city.

"Refueling infrastructure is critical for the mass acceptance of clean electric vehicles," said Mike Bissonette, senior vice president and general manager of AV's Efficient Energy Systems segment. "The move to EVs is demonstrating momentum now, and reliable charging systems for both the home and in the public will be essential for the full-scale, practical adoption of electric cars. We are committed to achieving the successful implementation of this pioneering recharging network for the people of South Carolina."

AeroVironment has been developing, manufacturing and supporting EV charging products for more than a decade. AV offers a broad range of products and services, such as Level 2 charging stations for the home, and public and Level 3 fast charge public stations that can re-fuel a car battery in as little as 10 minutes. AV also offers robust, multi-modal communication, networking and payment systems that support the evolving needs of public charging infrastructure.

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