Power Electronics

Advanced TCA Connectors Prove Compatible

Conec GmbH and Positronic Industries have successfully completed compatibility testing on their ATCA Zone 1 Connectors. Compatibility was established using a 3-step program.

First, group members exchanged production samples and test reports which showed their individual products’ compliance to PICMG 3.0, appendix B. Appendix B details requirements for Zone 1 power connectors. Next, group members supplied connector samples for compatibility testing. The testing was performed by Contech Research, in Attleboro, Mass.

Finally, group members agreed to maintain compatibility over time by performing re-qualification testing every three years. Also, a joint review will be done by group members if any group member makes design changes to their product.

In the spring of 2005, the ATCA Zone 1 Connector Compatibility Group was formed. This group was formed to alleviate the concerns of the ATCA community regarding compatibility of connectors between various Zone 1 connector suppliers. The group also intended to relieve the burden of compatibility testing from the ATCA community.

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