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Advanced Power and Control IC

Intersil Corp. has announced the ISL6421A, a highly integrated solution for providing power and control signals from advanced set-top box (STB) units to the satellite dish low-noise block (LNB) down converter. This new power and control IC offers high integration to reduce space and costs, high power efficiency to reduce power dissipation and heat, and high reliability to ensure long service in customer premises equipment. The ISL6421A contains both a high-efficiency current-mode boost PWM converter and a low-noise linear regulator, along with the circuitry required for I2C device interfacing and for providing DiSEqC standard control signals to the LNB

The control IC features:

•Switch-mode boost converter for high efficiency greater than 92%, with selectable 13-Vor 18-V output and cable voltage drop compensation (1 V).

•I2C compatible interface for remote device control.

•Built in tone oscillator factory trimmed to 22 kHz that facilitates DiSEqC (EUTELSAT) encoding and external modulation input (DSQIN).

•Internal overtemperature protection and diagnostics.

•Internal overload and overtemperature flags (readable through I2C).

•Output back-bias protection to 24 V.

•LNB short-circuit protection and diagnostics.

•Near-chip-scale 32-pad 5 mm × 5 mm quad flate no-lead (QFN) package.

The ISL6421A is available now. The suggested resale price in 100- to 999-unit quantities for the ISL6421AER (QFN) is $2.50 each. ICs are available on tape and reel.

For more information, visit www.intersil.com.

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