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Power Electronics

Advanced Energy Management System Extends Battery Life in Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles

International Rectifier, IR, has announced its advanced energy management system, Evaira, designed to dramatically extend battery life in electric vehicles.

The performance of a multi-cell battery pack is limited by the differences between the weakest and strongest cells in the pack. IR's Evaira advanced energy management system (EMS) utilizes rapid bypass equalization ensuring all cells age uniformly by balancing the state of charge (SOC) of all of the cells within a battery system, resulting in a dramatic extension of battery life and significantly improving battery performance. The complete battery management system also features advanced algorithms, balancing, charge and discharge management and shutoff for electric vehicle applications for the automotive, commercial and military segments.

"Unlike alternative solutions designed primarily for consumer applications that require only a few cells, IR's Evaira EMS brings a new level of sophistication to address the complexities involved with effective management of battery systems used in heavy duty platforms such as HEV and electric vehicles. This market demands a high degree of customization, so in addition to offering a system that optimizes technical characteristics such as capacity, quality, and safety, the technologies have been developed to enable us to use our system-level expertise to quickly and efficiently support our customers' individual needs," said Charles Chang, Director, IR's Advanced Development Group.

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