Power Electronics

Advanced Energy and Fuel Cell Technologies Conference

What: Society of Manufacturing Engineers' "Advanced Energy & Fuel Cell Technologies: Manufacturing Opportunities & Challenges Conference & Exposition"

When: Oct. 11-13, 2004

Where: Laurel Manor, 30900 Schoolcraft Rd., Livonia, Mich.

Advanced energy and fuel cell experts will help manufacturers learn how they can play a role as a future supplier in the growing alternative and fuel cell technologies (AET) industry at the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ (SME) “Advanced Energy & Fuel Cell Technologies: Manufacturing Opportunities & Challenges Conference & Exposition.”

The groundbreaking event is part of SME’s “Emerging Technologies Series,” and includes an international forum, student program, and more than 50 presentations including five keynotes. The conference is designed to bridge the gap between two different audiences—, manufacturers and researchers and developers, and help them learn about the latest manufacturing innovations and challenges from respected energy authorities in industry, military, government, research, and academic institutions.

The manufacturers track will provide ideas to OEMs who are considering advanced energy systems as a new power source in their future power designs, valuable insight to manufacturers on how to support the product development of advanced energy systems, and guidance to small to mid-size contract manufacturers on how to position themselves as a supplier to this emerging technology sector. The conference will also educate manufacturers on the advanced energy systems they can use today to save energy. Post-event, one-on-one energy management consultations will be available to paid conference attendees who are members of SME (courtesy of DTE Energy Technologies).

The AET event offers a physical world connection to classroom learning that demystifies the technology—giving manufacturers the opportunity to visually understand the components that make up advanced energy systems—like fuel cells, to effectively assist future product development. Many alternative energy technologies will also be on display.

For more information, visit www.sme.org/aet.

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