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Adapter Offers External Power Supply for 100W Applications

Adapter Offers External Power Supply for 100W Applications

6/3/2003 Adapter Offers External Power Supply for 100W Applications Phihong’s PSA150U power provides an external power supply option for applications that have traditionally required an internal solution. The external alternative increases system space, decreases EMI, and reduces heat, thereby increasing safety.

The PSA150U delivers up to 130W of power with 85% efficiency, the highest on the market. Along with increased reliability, stability, and overall lifetime of the power supply, the PSA150U adapter’s universal ac input range eliminates the need for a voltage switch.

The PSA150U power adapter features a high power density at 130W output, and carries worldwide EMC compliance. It’s designed for use in industrial controls, imaging machines, gaming machines, networking systems, portable electronic and telecommunication equipment that require zero down time.

The PSA150U power supply’s high efficiency allows it to minimize heat dissipation, resulting in an adapter that is small and reliable. In addition, it’s CE compliant, thus reducing system approval cost while meeting conducted and radiated EMI standards. The adapter’s robust construction readily survives dips and browns-outs, surges, spikes and lightning strikes.

For more information, visit www.phihong.com.

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