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Active Cool Brings Custom Components to Smart Thermo-Electric Cooling Solution

Active Cool, a pioneer in quiet thermo-electric cooling for PC processors, recently announced that its flagship AC4G product will feature custom-built thermo-electric cooling (TEC) components from the two leading thermo-electric components manufacturers in the Western Hemisphere. Active Cool selected Marlow Industries and Melcor Corp. to be the exclusive providers of components for the world's first smart TEC system designed to cool Intel Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon XP processors.

“After rigorous test and evaluation of TEC components from manufacturers worldwide, we determined that the quality, performance, manufacturing repeatability and scalability that Marlow and Melcor's components possess are unmatched,” said Ronen Meir, president and CEO of Active Cool. “The reliability of the newly integrated components are best-suited to AC4G's engineering and performance standards and will play a key role in alleviating the exacerbating heat and resulting computer noise that are generated in CPUs today.”

Processor heat is a critical issue as processor speeds and chip density have increased sharply over the past few years, leading to excessive computer noise. Active Cool's patent-pending microprocessor-controlled thermo-electric system—AC4G—provides powerful cooling while enabling a dramatic reduction in computer fan noise.

AC4G will be available for commercial sale in late February 2003. Active Cool will feature a live demonstration of the AC4G product at the CEBIT 2003 trade show in Hannover, Germany, March 12-17, 2003.

For more information, visit www.activecool.com.

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