Power Electronics

AC Measurement IC

Linear Technology introduces two new true RMS-to-DC conversion ICs that set new standards for accuracy, linearity and size. The LTC1967 and the wider bandwidth LTC1968 are simple to use and meet the requirements of a broad range of ac voltage and current measurement applications.

True RMS (root mean square) is the most accurate means of measuring the energy of an ac signal, regardless of the waveform shape. Linear Technology's newly expanded line of delta-sigma true RMS-DC converters requires only one external capacitor and is accurate to ±1% over bandwidth of 500 kHz. With 0.02% linearity, there is no need for in-system calibration. This high precision is maintained over a wide range of input signal levels, giving these devices unmatched linearity and accuracy—guaranteed over the full industrial temperature range. The delta-sigma computational technique is inherently immune from changes versus temperature, time and PCB stress.

The rail-to-rail inputs can be driven either single-ended or differentially, providing excellent noise rejection. In addition, the rail-to-rail outputs feature a separate output reference pin for flexible level shifting.

Both products are in full production. The LTC1967 and LTC1968 are priced at $3.40 and $3.95, respectively, in 1000-piece quantities.

For more information, visit www.linear.com.

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