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AC-DC Switching Power Supplies

AC-DC Switching Power Supplies


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AC-DC Switching Power Supplies

Astec Power’s new HPS3KW line of high-efficiency ac-dc switching power supplies offers up to 18kW in a 3U (5.25-in. high) bulk front end. Individual modules deliver 3000W of output power at 85% efficiency. A 19-in. rack can be configured with up to six of the compact devices for a total of 18,000W of clean bulk dc power in less than 2400 cu in. of rack space. For maximum system reliability, the hot-swappable modules can also be configured for N+1 redundancy with up to 15kW in the same space.

In addition, the HPS3KW addresses a wide range of distributed power architecture (DPA) requirements for industrial, test, instrumentation, networking, and telecom applications where designers seek reliable and cost effective power solutions. They accept ac input from 180Vac to 264Vac and feature active power factor correction (typically >0.98) that meets EN61000-3-2 requirements for input current harmonic content. The single-output devices provide 48Vdc output at 57A and offer a standby supervisory output of 5V at 5A. Each module has overvoltage and overcurrent protection, active inrush current limiting circuitry, and an internal OR-ing device. The fan-cooled units require 5.7A (10%) minimum load and include built-in EMI filtering, forced current sharing between modules operating in parallel, and remote programmability (margining) of the main output voltage. In addition, all HPS3KW modules are standard with N+1 diode isolation and addressing for I2C communications.

For more information, visit www.astecpower.com.

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