Power Electronics

80-W Quarter-Brick

The QNT36ZEDB from Power-One Inc. is an 80-W dc-dc quarter-brick that converts a 36-Vdc to 75-Vdc input into three 12-A outputs that adjust from 0.95 V to 5 V. This unique combination of flexibility, performance and full-isolation facilitates the use of one part for a variety of applications. In selected applications, this product can provide a space- and cost-saving single-component alternative to distributed-power architectures.

The QNT36ZEDB is available in through-hole and optionally in SMT-mountable packages. It has a low profile of 2.30 in. × 1.45 in. × 0.38 in. (58.4 mm × 36.8 mm × 9.7mm). Additional features include 1.5-k Vdc input-to-output isolation, sequencing of outputs at startup, individual output enable, remote on/off and operation to 110°C. Internal protections include overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit and overtemperature.

For more information, visit www.power-one.com.

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