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8-bit MCUs Enhance Low-voltage Performance

Microchip Technology has announced the first 10 members of its high-pincount, high-density memory PIC18F87J10 Flash microcontroller family, which double the performance in low-voltage applications by delivering up to 10 MIPS at 3 V. On-chip peripherals facilitate the use of these 8-bit MCUs in power supply, power meter, motor control and other applications. Peripheral functions include a 15-channel, 10-bit A-D converter with auto-acquisition timing, two analog comparators, three enhanced capture/compare/PWM modules with support for MOSFET (H-bridge) motor drives, and two standard capture/compare/PWM modules.

As the performance levels among 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers continue to blur and more designs migrate to lower voltages, embedded engineers are looking for cost-effective yet peripheral-rich 8-bit microcontrollers with high memory densities and pincounts that help them preserve their legacy 8-bit code and development-tool investments. The PIC18F87J10 8-bit microcontroller family addresses these performance and memory needs by providing linear access (no pages) to as much as 128 kbytes of onboard Flash memory, while offering complete code and tool compatibility with all PIC18F microcontrollers.

In addition, the new PIC18F87J10 microcontrollers include nanoWatt Technology for optimal power management and prolonged battery life, along with two synchronous serial ports (capable of SPI or I2C) and two asynchronous serial ports (LIN-capable USARTs) for expanded connectivity.

High-end applications that can take advantage of the PIC18F87J10 family’s low operating voltage and high-performance levels include: industrial (TCP/IP interface, home-alarm/security-system keypad, server power-supply and temperature controller, power-meter hub, central ac communication controller); consumer (wireless Internet-enabled appliance, hands-free cell phone adapter, cappuccino machine, 2-way pager); automotive (car alarm); medical (bio flow meter).

Other key features of the PIC18F87J10 family include up to 4 Kbytes of data RAM, five timers/counters (3 × 16-bit, 2 × 8-bit), extended watchdog timer with prescalar options, brownout reset, 8-bit/16-bit mode external memory access (up to 2 Mbytes), and enhanced instruction set for improved C compiler efficiency.

All 10 PIC18F87J10 family microcontrollers are available now for limited sampling with volume production is expected in June. Details about family member packages, memory options and features can be obtained online at www.microchip.com/highpin.

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