Power Electronics

700-W Full-brick Generates 28-V Output

Delta Electronics recently introduced the F48SA, a 700-W single-output, full-brick converter into their Delphi Series of board-mounted dc-dc power converters. The F48SA280, a 48-V input, single 28-V output, isolated dc-dc converter, delivers up to 700 W of output power in an industry-standard full-brick footprint and pin out.

The F48SA028 converter operates from a wide input voltage range of 36 V to 75 V. Typical efficiency for this module at a full load of 700 W exceeds 91.5%.

The F48SA meets all safety requirements as it has basic insulation and meets the 2250-V isolation requirement. The F48SA Series has a built-in heat spreader for optimal thermal coupling and conduction cooling, as well as an optional heatsink for extended thermal operation.

Sample quantities of Delta’s Delphi F48SA converters are currently available. In OEM quantities of 1000 pieces, the unit price is $130.

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