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5Spice Analysis Software

5Spice Analysis Software


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5Spice Analysis Software

5Spice is Windows-based Spice simulation for the typical circuit designer who uses analog simulation several times a year. It provides Spice specific schematic entry, the ability to define and save an unlimited number of analyses, integrated graphing of results, plus easy inclusion of Spice/PSpiceĀ® subcircuits from a user expandable library. Spice concepts appear visually in the schematic while 5Spice's self-documentation capability allows designers to instantly pick up their work after months off.

Additional features include a Wizard to set Spice's simulation defaults based on user's circuit values, a searchable library index, large signal harmonic distortion analysis, parameter passing to subcircuits, extensions to Spice3 behavioral modeling, and task-oriented help written by a Spice user.

5Spice is a pure simulation product, not burdened by a user interface dictated by pc board layout requirements.

For more information, visit www.5Spice.com.

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