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50-A and 60-A Power Modules Offer POLA Compatibility

Texas Instruments (TI) has extended its PTHxx family of nonisolated power modules by introducing models rated for 50 A and 60 A of output. As with the other members of the PTHxx family, the 50-A PTH12040 and the 60-A PTH04040 provide POLA compatibility, meaning that “interoperable” second-source versions of these modules will be offered by other suppliers in the Point-of-Load Alliance (POLA). According to TI, other members of POLA are expected to begin announcing their 50-A and 60-A power modules in the next few weeks.

Designed using a multiphase switching topology, the new modules achieve up to 96% efficiency, operate from a wide range of input voltages and feature Auto-Track sequencing. The Auto-Track feature allows the outputs of multiple modules to track one another or a common voltage during power-up and power-down transitions.

The PTH12040 operates from input voltages of 8 V to 14 V, and supplies an output current of up to 50 A at voltages ranging from 0.8 V to 5.5 V, making it suitable for systems that use a loosely regulated 12-V intermediate distribution bus. The PTH04040 supports input voltages from 2.95 V to 5.5 V, and can be set to any output voltage in the 0.8-V to 3.6-V range.

With their 2.05-in. × 1.05-in. (nom.) footprint and 0.357-in. (max) profile, TI’s new modules achieve very high current and power density. In the case of the PTH12040, the full 50 A is available at the max output voltage of 5.5 V, implying a power delivery of 275 W. However, this performance is subject to thermal considerations and customers may need to derate their modules based on the level of airflow and the maximum ambient temperature in the applications. According to the SOA curve on the PTH12040 datasheet, a modest 200 LFM of airflow will allow this unit to deliver 50 A at a 70°C ambient. This performance was achieved with 12-V input and 3.3-V output. Similarly, the PTH04040 delivers the rated 60 A across all voltages in the 0.8-V to 3.6-V output range, subject to thermal considerations.

Both modules incorporate advanced features such as an on/off inhibit and margin up/down controls. A differential, remote-output voltage sense ensures tight load regulation, and an output overcurrent and overtemperature shutdown feature protects against most load faults. In addition, the PTH04040 and PTH12040 include a programmable undervoltage lockout function that allows the turn-on threshold to be customized.

The PTH12040 and PTH04040 modules are available in volume today in through-hole and low-profile, double-sided surface-mount packages. In quantities of 1000, suggested unit pricing is $35 for either the PTH12040 or the PTH04040. For more details, see www.ti.com/sc05113.

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