Power Electronics

48-V Hot-Swap Controller ICs

Micrel Inc.’s two new +48-V hot-swap power controller products, the MIC2586/86R and the MIC2587/87R, are single-channel positive high-voltage ICs aimed at the telecommunications, datacom and instrumentation infrastructure equipment markets and are suitable for general-purpose hot-swap board removal/insertion, high-voltage electronic circuit breaker, server backplane and medical applications.

The MIC2586/86R series is offered in 14-pin SOIC packaging and the MIC2587/87R series is offered in 8-pin SOIC packaging. The MIC2587/87R series is a pin-for-pin functional equivalent to the LT1641-1, the LT1641-2, the LT4256-1 and the LT4256-2. The chips all feature 10-V to 80-V supply voltage operation and programmable inrush current limiting set by an external sense resistor.

The ICs also offer an active current regulation circuit that limits fault current into load and user-programmable overcurrent detection response time. The chips also offer electronic circuit breaker operation after overcurrent faults, output latch off (for the MIC2586 and MIC2587), and output auto-retry with a 5% duty cycle (for the MIC2586R and MIC2587R).

The MIC2586/86R and the MIC2587/87R are currently sampling with volume quantities available in eight weeks.

For more information, visit www.micrel.com.

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