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3300V and 4500V HVIGBT Family to Include 200A and 150A Dual Modules

Powerex announces availability of a 3300V/200A (QID3320002) and 4500V/150A (QID4515002) dual High Voltage IGBTs (HVIGBTs). These extended voltage HVIGBTs have been developed for use on 4160 Volt AC lines.

QID3320002 has a high isolation voltage of 7.7KV RMS and QID4515002 has a high isolation voltage of 9.0KV RMS.  Both devices include an optimized thermal management system, incorporating an AIN ceramic substrate and copper baseplate. The switching loss performance is estimated to provide a 20% reduction when compared to competitive types in the market.

Rated at 3300V/200A dual for QID3320002 and 4500V/150A dual for QID4515002, the modules feature:

  • Low VCE(sat)
  • Creepage and clearance meet IEC 60077-1
  • High isolation voltage
  • Rugged SWSOA and RRSOA
  • Compact industry standard package
  • Copper baseplate

QID3320002 and QID4515002 were designed for use in utility power supplies, pulse power, traction drives, medium voltage industrial drives, auxiliary power inverters and other high voltage power.

QID3320002 can be purchased at sample pricing at $410 each.  QID4515002 can be purchased at sample pricing at $440 each.

Powerex, Inc.
Part Number: QID3320002

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