Power Electronics

250-VA Rack-Mount DC–AC Inverters

From Wilmore Electronics, the Model 1652 dc-ac inverter is suitable for powering critical ac loads in space-limited equipment racks. Designed for telecommunications, data-processing and security applications where a stable and reliable source of ac power needs to be derived from an existing dc-power (battery) system, these inverters supply up to 250-VA of output power while occupying only 1.75 in. (1 U) of vertical space in 19-in. or 23-in. racks. Available in 24-Vdc, 48-Vdc and 130-Vdc input versions, these units feature high efficiency (up to 90%), maintenance-free operation (no fans) and a wide operating temperature range (-30°C to 60°C).

The Model 1652 provides a well-regulated 120-Vac, frequency-stable 60-Hz, quasi-sine-wave output ideal for powering a variety of loads, from sensitive electronic equipment to small motors and other nonlinear loads. An optional built-in automatic load switchover feature permits operation in UPS or standby-power modes, offering true redundancy for critical ac-powered equipment.

Available now, the 10-piece price is $379.00 each for the plain inverter version.

For more information, visit www.wilmoreelectronics.com.

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