Power Electronics

2.4-kW AC-DC Power System

XpiQ’s new ultralow profile 2.4-kW power shelf fits into a 1U-high 19-in. rack and, at 11.56-in. deep, meets the ETSI standard. Designed to allow more space for system electronics in telecom, networking, storage and wireless base-station applications, the ZCA-1U3R-R can be used for bulk power or to drive dc-dc modules in distributed power architectures. It is also suited to N+1 redundancy schemes and hot-swap applications. Outputs are 12 Vdc, 24 Vdc or 48Vdc, adjustable ±5%. The 12-V system is suited for driving low-cost, nonisolated dc-dc converters and doesn’t require extra isolation for the 48-V intermediate bus.

These compact switchers offer a 7 W/in3 power density with integral control and monitoring signals including individual power fail and dc-good signals, remote sense, current share, module present, output voltage adjust, global inhibit and 5-V standby output. Optional functionality is an I2C signal set, allowing customers to set and monitor their preferred signal configuration.

The power systems are part of a product family with ratings of 2.4 kW, 2. 1kW and 1.8 kW determined by output voltage. When used in N+1 redundancy applications, the permissible ratings are 1.6 kW, 1.4 kW and 1.2 kW. Other features include up to 85% efficiency, no minimum load requirement, ±2% line/load regulation, 20-ms hold-up time if the mains supply is interrupted and current sharing to within ±10%. Comprehensive circuit protection is built-in and the ZCA-1U3R-R meets all major international safety and EMC approvals.

For more information, visit www.xpiq.com.

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