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200-W Quarter-Brick DC-DC Converters

Artesyn Technologies Inc. has extended its Typhoon family of board-mounted power with the addition of a new 200-W series of quarter-brick dc-dc converters. Known as the “ultra” series, the new converters provide single isolated outputs of 2.5 V, 3.3 V and 5 V, with continuous current ratings of 80 A, 60 A and 40 A, respectively. All three converters provide high efficiencies and power densities—the 5-V model, for example, has a typical efficiency of 92% and achieves in excess of 200W/in3. The 200-W ultra series provides up to a 50% improvement in power capability over present competitor offerings.

The 200-W converters have an industry-standard quarter-brick footprint of 2.3 in. × 1.45 in. and a height of just 0.3 in. They provide an extremely cost-effective functional replacement for half-bricks, occupying 40% less board space and delivering much higher levels of output current and useable power. The converters are intended primarily for the networking, telecom and wireless markets, in applications as diverse as core routers and switches, transmission systems, and optical networking. Their high current, efficiency and power density attributes, combined with their very low profile, make them suitable for delivering the 200W power requirements of fully specified cards in AdvancedTCA applications.

The new ultra series 200-W quarter-bricks feature a wide telecom-standard input voltage range of 36 Vdc to 75Vdc and generate a single isolated output voltage, which can be trimmed from 80% to 110% of nominal using a single resistor. Flexibility of design-in is further enhanced by the availability of two additional low-voltage 100-A models, offering a choice of 1.5 V at 100 A and 1.8 V at 100-A outputs, to address virtually all of today’s low-voltage silicon supply needs.

Sample quantities of Artesyn’s 200-W quarter-brick converters are available for immediate delivery. In OEM quantities of 1000, unit prices are $88 for all models.

For more information, visit www.artesyn.com.

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