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200-V, 20-A Dual Schottkys

Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has announced three new dual high-voltage Schottky rectifiers offering a 200-V reverse voltage, a 20-A forward current rating and a maximum operating junction temperature of 175°C.

Outperforming 200-V forward voltage Schottky rectifiers built on silicon carbide technology at a fraction of the cost, these new silicon-based devices are designed for secondary rectification of ac-dc and dc-dc converters with outputs up to 48 V, as well as freewheeling and polarity protection applications. Package options are the TO-220AB (MBR20H200CT), isolated TO-220AB (MBRF20H200CT) and TO-262AA (MBRB20H200CT-1).

With a typical forward voltage drop of 0.65 V at 10 A and 125°C, small 1-mA maximum reverse leakage current at 125 °C and high 290-A forward surge current per leg, these new Schottky rectifiers have been optimized for 50-W to 250-W power supply applications. They also feature a large peak non-repetitive reverse surge energy of 20 mJ at 8/20 µs per leg.

The new rectifiers provide a negligible reverse recovery time, which, combined with their low forward voltage, improves power efficiency and reduces heat in end products that include the power supplies of desktop and notebook PCs, servers, telecommunication exchangers, HDTVs, and other SMPS devices with high power outputs.

All three devices feature a dual chip, common cathode configuration and maximum operating junction temperature of 175°C. Samples and production quantities of the new MBR20H200CT (TO-220AB), MBRF20H200CT (ITO-220AB), and MBRB20H200CT-1 (TO-262AA) Schottky rectifiers are available now. Pricing for U.S. delivery is $800 per 1,000 units.

For more information, visit www.vishay.com.

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