Power Electronics

20-A Current Sense Transformers

The new CT323 surface-mount current sense transformers from Datatronic Distribution Inc. are rated at a powerful 20 A in a sub 5-mm2 package, surpassing the 10-A rating now typically available across the industry in this type of device.

With a low-seated profile of 4.1 mm (0.162 in.) and an operating temperature range of –55°C to 155°C, the CT323 current sense transformers supports a range of communications and networking applications. They are ideal where compact size, a high power rating and extreme temperatures exist.

The CT323 current sense transformers sense current output changes to provide feedback for overload detection, emergency shutdown functions and power regulation. They support dc-dc converters, especially in routers, bridges, hubs and telephone switching equipment.

For more information, visit www.datatronics.com.

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