Power Electronics

1U Rack Accepts 1500 W of Power for PoE

From Phihong USA, a 1500-W 1U rack for RPS and bulk power sources features quick disconnect connectors for three individual loads. Capable of accepting three PSM500 500-W power supplies, the PSM1554 is Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and network RPS-compatible. Not only does it meet isolation requirements, it is also hot swappable and configured for PoE midspans and 48-V RPS input for switches.

The PSM1554 is available with a 48-V supply up to 30 A and a standby 12 V at up to 4.5 A. It operates from an input voltage of 90 Vac to 264 Vac and features active power factor correction. Each output is individually protected against overloads causing overheating of wiring from excessive current, thus fully protecting the system against overload, overtemperature and overvoltage. The PSM1554 measures 17.25 in. × 13.77 in. × 1.75 in., and weighs 2.5 lb. Typical pricing for the PSM1554 rack is $129 and less than $100 for 500-W power modules in OEM quantities.

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