Power Electronics

1U Heat Sink

Enertron’s PB64-1U Cooler is a compact heat sink for the AMD Opteron™ and Athlon™ 64 CPUs for use in 1U servers. This compact cooler will dissipate as much as 90W of heat in a 40°C environment.

The compact cooler was designed to fit within the limited height of 1U environments. The heat sink features a copper base and high-density array of thin copper fins. Two dual-intake blowers are integrated into the heat sink to provide the forced convection; no other airflow ducting is required. The two blowers also offer redundancy protection; in case one blower fails, the second blower continues to cool the heat sink. The total thermal resistance (Θc-a) of the PB64-1U cooler is 0.32°C/W.

A high-performance interface pad is preinstalled. The heat sink is mounted to the CPU using the standard mounting plate. Custom mounting designs are available.

For more information, visit www.enertron-inc.com.

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