Power Electronics

19-in. Power Supply With 35 W and 4 TE

The MTM Power series PMA19 35 has been designed for the use in 19-in. racks. Due to its slim case with only 4 TE, the PMA19 35 requires little space within the complete system. The devices have been designed as universal compact power supplies with input voltage ranges of 85 Vac to 264 Vac and 80 Vdc to 375 Vdc for worldwide application. The switching frequency is only 80 Hz and they are equipped an internal fuse at the input. The nominal outputs of 5 V, 12 V, 24 V and 48 V are adjustable.

Despite the compact design, the devices fulfill all common safety and EMI standards, are prepared for Class I and have a high efficiency. They are continuous short circuit and overload protected and optionally available with a power fail signal.

For more information, visit www.mtm-power.com/index_en.html.

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