Power Electronics

150-mA Low Quiescent Current LDO

Micro Analog Systems Oy’s new MAS9168 is a very low quiescent current LDO capable of delivering 150-mA output current. MAS9168 offers unique combination of good RF and dropout performance and low power consumption.

Typically, LDOs have been designed to excel either on performance or on low current consumption, but the basis for the development of MAS9168 was an increasing need for a new kind of compromise enabling low quiescent current LDOs to be used even with sensitive circuits. As a result it features a Ignd of just 15.5 µA at 1-mA load current, but output noise is still only 70 µVrms (100 Hz to100 kHz).

For more information, visit www.mas-oy.com.

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