Power Electronics

13 CPU Supervisor Product Families

Alliance Semiconductor Corp.’s 13 CPU supervisor product families include multiple package and reset voltage combinations that spawn 125 distinct products. These products are a low-power and cost-effective alternative to industry standard CPU supervisors, addressing the 5-V, 3.3-V and 3-V applications in wire-line and wireless telecom, computer, consumer, industrial and medical markets.

Designed in a submicron CMOS process, Alliance’s CPU supervisors operate on power levels that are 20% to 40% less than other supervisor products currently available in the market. Supervisor products provide system designers with the ability to monitor and detect problems related to power supply instability and provide them with an assured and safe system operation. Features range from the basic power on reset (POR) function, which is used to maintain the system processor on hold for a minimum of 140 ms until the supply voltage stabilizes, to products that incorporate manual reset (MR), watchdog timer (WDT), power failure/low-battery detection, and battery backup switching functions that are commonly required in embedded system applications.

For more information, visit www.alsc.com.

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