Power Electronics

1200-W Front End/Rectifier

Cherokee International’s CAR1248 front end/rectifier is for low-profile, distributed power architecture applications. Packaged in a 1-U-high footprint and measuring 1.65 in. × 3.44 in. × 11.2 in., the CAR1248 front end/rectifier provides best-in-class power density of 19 W per cubic inch. The CAR1248 delivers a 48-V single output at 25 A intended to be used as a regulated bus along with a 5-V standby voltage to power external housekeeping and monitoring circuitry. With leading-edge power density, the CAR front end/rectifier is narrow enough to fit up to five units in a power shelf—supplying up to 4800-W N+1 redundant or 6000 W.

The CAR1248 is suitable for design engineers faced with high power requirements in constrained spaces such as low to mid servers, enterprise networking, power over Ethernet (PoE) and automatic test equipment applications.

The wide-range, universal-input CAR1248 comes with integrated redundant diodes and a thermally controlled fan enabling
-25°C to 70°C operation and -40°C startup capability—ideal for radio frequency (RF) amplifiers and wireless applications. Additional features include hot-swap and fault redundancy, active single-wire load sharing, output voltage programming, current readout, remote on/off and front plate LEDs. Protection features on the rectifier include input over- and undervoltage, output overvoltage, overtemperature and overcurrent.

An accompanying racking system, the ACE125, offers system scalability accommodating up to five modules (6000 W) or 4800 W in a redundant, hot-swap configuration. The full-featured ACE125 rack, providing 4800 W, comes equipped with a low-voltage disconnect (LVD) and controller with universal power-monitoring functions and a comprehensive set of alarms and status indicators for the exchange of system-monitoring data with the end user.

The basic version of the rack is offered without the monitoring control and LVD features, which allows room for an additional CAR1248 module for a total of 6000 W. The CAR1248 also comes with an I2C serial interface, which enables monitoring of various operating parameters within the unit. Digital features include voltage programming, current limit adjustment, thermal warning, remote on/off, and ac-dc good and fault signals. Later this year, a 12-V/1250-W rectifier model is expected to follow the release of the 48-V version.

The CAR1248 modules are priced at $250 in OEM quantities. Samples and low order quantities are available from stock.

For more information, visit www.cherokeepwr.com.

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