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12-V Input POL DC-DC Converters

SynQor Inc. has released a series of 16-A nonisolated dc-dc converters with a 12-V input. The NQ12 modules, part of the NiQor® family, are available in both an industry-standard SIP (single-in-line packaging) and lead-free surface-mount (SMT) form factor. The new point-of-load converters offer fast transient response capability, 95% efficiency and power densities up to 400 W/cu in.

The NQ12 series modules accommodate a wide 12-V, ±20% input bus (9.6 V to 14.4 V) while delivering 16 A of current at fixed voltages of 0.9 V, 1 V, 1.2 V, 1.5 V, 1.8 V, 2 V, 2.5 V, 3.3 V and 5 V outputs. SynQor also offers a programmable version that can be trimmed to any voltage from 0.75 V to 5.5 V with a single resistor to allow for maximum flexibility and reduced parts count.

The modules employ on board input and output filtering to keep input ripple currents and output noise to a minimum, eliminating the need to add expensive I/O capacitors. The converters are designed primarily for use in intermediate bus architectures (IBA), in which the POL modules convert power from an intermediate bus converter or standard isolated brick to a low voltage output required by the load. The NQ12 modules use a synchronous buck regulator topology and a fixed switching frequency to achieve very high efficiencies up to 95%. The superior thermal performance allows full power with no derating in a typical application at ambient temperatures up to 70°C under natural convection.

Modules are available in the industry standard SIP package, measuring 2 in. x 0.55 in. x 0.29 in., (50.8 mm x 14 mm x 7.3 mm) with both vertical and horizontal mounting orientations or in a surface mount package, measuring 1.3 in. x 0.53 in. x 0.29 in., (33.0 mm x 13.5 mm x 7.3 mm) with standard tape and reel options. The SMT modules use a lead-free solder and meet the requirements of Lead-Free 2 while accommodating a maximum reflow temperature of 260°C for 90 sec.

The NiQor converters include a full complement of control and protection features, such as remote on/off (positive/open), remote sense, standard voltage trim, input UVLO, over-current shutdown, output OVP and thermal shutdown. The units have no minimum load requirement and carry relevant international safety approvals, including EN60950 and UL/cUL1950.

Sample and production quantities of the NQ12 SIP and SMT converters are available immediately with a four to six week lead-time. The modules are priced at $15.80 in OEM quantities.

For more information, visit www.synqor.com.

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