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Stepper Motor Based Mini Linear Actuator with Linear Slide

The L2018 mini linear actuator from Nanotec Electronic is now available with linear slide. This model is distinguished by its extremely compact size, fast regulation times and high thrust.

Nanotec L20 product of Nema 8 linear actuators with linear slide is a 30% smaller size. Nanotec products Captive designs are more robust than competitive designs. Based on a Nanotec high torque stepper motor, the linear actuator is ideal for the implementation of compact linear slides and precision linear axes. It can be used in medical, and laboratory equipment as well as assembly machines. Wherever small linear drives are required for example in optical applications such as microscope tables. Fitted with an internal pushrod, an external slide is no longer required in order to perform linear movements.

All L20 linear actuators also include a high-quality integrated PEEK threaded bushing, which ensures a long service life. The combination of a high-torque step motor and precision spindle not only provides L2018 series linear actuators with a resolution of 5 µm, it also enables 40 N of thrust in compact form. The optional NOE1 rotary encoder allows positioning to be monitored at a resolution of less than 1 µm. Together with a Nanotec exclusive Closed Loop Control will deliver near servo performance with thrust regulation, enabling a variety of new application areas for linear actuators.

Nanotec Electronic US Inc.
Part Number: L20

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